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Transforming Engineering & Technical Skills Acquisition

In collaboration with our manufacturing team, NetPro is committed to developing the best products for the practical teaching of engineering principles across Africa.
Giving students at universities, polytechnics, schools and training centres real life understanding to match the skill sets required for the engineering labour market.

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Fluid Mechanics
3D System
Control Engineering
Process Control
Materials Testing and Properties
Environmental Control
Engineering Science
Software Applications
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Teaching Equipment

Discover all the possibilities that NetPro can offer to you.

Edibon, our partners, designs and manufactures Engineering and Technical Teaching Equipment at the highest level and quality in most Engineering areas, since more than 30 years.

Thousands of Universities, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and Technical Training Centers, in all continents, recognize our technology and know-how.

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
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Tomorrow's Technology Today

A combination of two decades of manufacturing experience and our core expertise in Software Design and Development is helping us create futuristic technologies for Education.

Recents Projects

From the single installation of a subsonic wind tunnel, to entire engineering laboratories supplied by NetPro-Edibon across Africa.
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